Rev. Tammarishka 

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Rev. Tammarishka Kerman is the founding Reverend of The Healing Spirit Congregation in Georgetown ON Canada which is the first Spiritualist congregation in Halton Hills. The Healing Spirit is a growing Spiritualist community of Healing, Fellowship and Learning.

     Spirituality has always been a very important and strong element of Rev. Tammarishka's life.  Being an Ordained Minister by the Fellowships of the Spirit and an Ordained Minister of the Spiritualist Church of Canada Rev. Tammarishka received a well rounded education in Spiritualism and the work she does.  Since the age of six she had a clear connection with Spirit and began providing message.

      Tammarishka studied with well known Reverend Elaine Thomas, a long time Reverend and Registered Medium in Lily Dale NY. Reverend Elaine Thomas a Spiritual Counselor and Medium for 42 years, and a Registered Medium in Lily Dale, through the Lily Dale Assembly for 37 years. She was trained in the tradition of Spiritualism's foremost early thinkers as a student of renowned medium and teacher Reverend Edith Sandy Wendling. Rev. Wendling was herself a student of England's Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and his wife Lady Doyle. The Doyles were the most prominent proponents of modern Spiritualism in its earlier years.  Elaine is the founder of the Fellowships of the Spirit School of Healing and Prophecy which is a learning centre and seminary of Spiritualism, Spiritual healing and Spiritual Advisement. Also the founder of the Fellowships of the Spirit Spiritualist church, 

  Rev. Tammarishka works with the highest ethics and standards.  As she had promised in her Ordination vows, she works with the intention of providing healing through message with compassion, confidentiality and active listening.  It is very important to Rev. Tammarishka the professionalism, compassion and respect to those both living and in spirit.

Festival of Mediums

Church of Universal Love 

Saturday October 28, 2018

Tammarishka will be participating in the Festival of Mediums at the Church of Universal Love this weekend.

She will be providing 15 minutes readings in person for $30.00 per reading.  

Come on out and join us for a fun filled day!

Pre-book with Tammarishka to assure a reading time with her!

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951 Wilson Ave. Unit 16 Suite 1A
Toronto, Ontario M3K 2A7


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Phone:  647-975-7338   (Please leave message)