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Tammarishka's Achievements and Credentials

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International Psychic Medium

     Tammarishka is an International, Certified Psychic Medium and Lily Dale Registered Medium.  She has been tested and proven to be an accurate Evidential Psychic Medium in the United States, Scotland and Canada.  Spiritualism and spirituality have always been very important and strong elements of Tammarishka's life.  Since the age of six, she had a clear connection with Spirit and began providing messages to family and friends. 

     Tammarishka is a Certified Spiritual Advisor-Psychic Medium with LWISSD (Lisa Williams School of Spiritual Development)   Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development or LWISSD  which was founded by world-renowned Lisa Williams from Redditch, England.  Lisa Williams is an Internationally renowned, Best Selling published author, spiritual development teacher and television celebrity.  Lisa works from her office and learning centre in New York State, USA.  She connects people to their loved ones in Spirit bringing the essence of Spirit alive while providing guidance and insight.   Lisa launched her own network of gifted advisers of which Tammarishka is a certified Psychic Medium.  Lisa has become an inspiration and mentor to many.

     Tammarishka works with the highest ethics and standards. As she had promised in her Ordination vows, she works with the intention of providing healing through Spirit messages with compassion, confidentiality and active listening. It is very important to Tammarishka to work with professionalism, compassion and respect for those both living and in spirit.

Certified Master Teacher - LWISSD

    Tammarishka is a trained Certified International Master Teacher through LWISSD (Lisa Williams School of Spiritual Development)  Lisa Williams is a prior UK Teacher by profession.  Lisa is a well-known published author of books addressing the topics of mediumship, spiritual development, and personal improvement.  Some of the titles of her successfully published books are; Survival of the Soul, Life Among the Dead, Was That A Sign from Heaven? and Divine Wisdom.

    In 2013 LWISSD - the Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development came to be.  LWISSD is "committed to delivering world-class spiritual learning opportunities with her unique hands-on method of teaching."  

    With Lisa's knowledge of over 20 years of working internationally as a psychic medium; Lisa compiled and developed her own unique curriculum and method of training to educate and empower her many students from all around the world.  Her courses cover many topics from self-empowerment, coaching, healing skills, energy work, meditation, psychic and mediumship skills to teaching future Master Teachers of LWISSD and of their own experience, knowledge and understanding while upholding their dedication to the highest standards of ethics and principles of LWISSD.

    Lisa provides an elite certification Master Teacher program which teaches her Master Teachers how to "guide and shape" their students with all they need to embrace their developed skills with confidence, authenticity and the highest of professional standards.

Specialty Close To Her Heart

    Through her training, work experience and personal experiences, Tammarishka has found that there are a lot of books providing advice on how to determine specific labels or identifications for intuitive children; but there is very little provided on how to embrace the interesting life journey that can be had with these special beings.  There is also very little out there available for the parents, loving care providers and families of intuitive children.  They too, those who surround the intuitive child also need care, support and somewhere to turn to as a resource.  Often many parents when learning about their little beings of light (no matter the child's age), parents themselves, have experienced very similar comparable experiences and that "the apple in fact does not fall far from the tree".   

    This then can become a situation of the parents developing and evolving alongside their children; on their own individual journeys but also on a journey as intuitive spirit beings together.

    Having been an intuitive child herself, then becoming a mother of an intuitive child Tammarishka felt there is no better feedback or support than through personal experience and implementation of her professional training as an LWISSD Master Teacher and Ordained Spiritualist Minister.  The "been there, done that" and still doing it is very much applicable.

    Now, this is not to say that if you have a child who is experiencing unusual or let's say unexplainable experiences that the parent must be intuitive themself or that they have to "believe" to be able to do something for their child.  The parent can be totally comfortable and secure sitting on the fence and this is said with total respect in standing by your beliefs which you are living your truth.  

    You do not have to be a "believer" to love, support and learn about your little light being in your life.  Simply developing an understanding, learning how to support and be their outlet to discover themselves as individuals is all that is needed.

Ordained Spiritualist Minister

     Tammarishka is a founding minister (Rev. Tammarishka Kerman) of The Healing Spirit Congregation in Georgetown ON Canada which is the first Spiritualist congregation in Halton Hills. The Healing Spirit is a growing Spiritualist community of Healing, Fellowship and Learning.

Being an Ordained Minister by the Fellowships of the Spirit and an Ordained Minister of the Spiritualist Church of Canada, Rev. Tammarishka received a well-rounded education in Spiritualism and the ministerial field in which she works. 

    Tammarishka often consults in private as a Spiritualist Minister in many different aspects of life; spiritual counsel, grieving, marriage, births, illness, death, lifecycle events and achievements.

     Rev. Tammarishka officiates at weddings and funeral services. She also provides Spiritual Advisement as an Ordained Spiritualist Minister and as a Certified Psychic Medium. Tammarishka teaches multiple subjects in the field of Spiritualism for adult continued education. The subjects covered in her programs cover the basic principles of Spiritualism, Universal laws, religion and philosophy of Spiritualism, psychic and mediumship development, Spiritual energy healing, private, and group mentoring. For more information on the workshops that Tammarishka provides click on the "Upcoming Events" or "Upcoming Workshops" page tabs in the right margin of this page.