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Hello and welcome to the T.A.S.D. website!

    T.A.S.D. is Tammarishka's (The) Academy for Spiritual Development.  

We are very excited and proud to announce and offer a new hybrid (in-person and virtual together) international school.  Our academy is dedicated to all that is spiritual and personal in development, learning and embracing who you truly are as an authentic individual.

All courses are taught at accommodating times for Canadian, American and U.K. students to participate.  Full-day courses are usually 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM ET on the weekends.  Half-day courses/workshops are taught on the weekends as well at internationally accommodating times.

Our New Specialty Program for Intuitive Children

   T.A.S.D. offers a specialty program for the parents, families, and grandparents of intuitive children of any age who we like to call Loving Care Persons (LCP). We provide the LCP with the tools they need to discover their own way of developing an understanding of life with their young intuitive beings. The LCP learns to be understanding and supportive on their part as parents and to be able to assist in their child's spiritual development and personal discovery. Thus this is a learning experience for the LCP and child to become a well-educated team to further evolve together.

The LCP also learns the "put their mask on first" before they can help others philosophy. LCPs need to take care of themselves first, to be better capable of helping their child and family as a whole. T.A.S.D. addresses these issues.

T.A.S.D. does not employ or provide professional medical, psychological assessments or advice. What we offer is the "been there done that" experience as prior intuitive children ourselves, being adult mediums better able to explain the "what is it like?" and as parents of intuitive children.

Through T.A.S.D. students will be provided with a student community; one privately for LCPs only and one for the T.A.S.D. student community overall. For the LCPs of intuitive children confidentiality, having that safe place to communicate, and find support that is without judgement are very important for many families it is crucial. It is a safety net to share with other LCPs who are going through similar experiences as each other. It is a place to vent, a place to learn from each other the trials, support each other and share discoveries of what they have tried, what has worked for them, maybe what could work for them and their successes as milestones are achieved for themselves (the parents) and for the children.

The LCP of an intuitive child was specifically chosen to be the special person of these wonderful light beings. You were given a very precious experience on your own path or may we say journey. Embrace this experience, know you will be better for it and we will walk along the path with you helping all of you to shine that light to illuminate your way.

Getting Back to Normal June Special Readings

Sign Up!

So you found me!

Here is the special:

For the next 11 days, I will be offering 30-Minute readings for $100!

This is my Get Back to Normal Special.

Readings will be in-person in my Ontario Canada office (Cambridge).

Yes, that's right...REAL hugs!!!

No more tree hugging, no more mosquito bites!

If you are not in Ontario, it is certainly no problem for me to set you up on Zoom.

In a snap!

Currently, my readings are $200 per hour.

At this point, I no longer offer 30-Minute readings so this is a one-off.

Then it is gone!

It's finished!

Das ist es fertig!

Voila c'est fini!

Esta terminado!

So click on the orange Sign-Up Genius button above or below.

It would be wonderful to see you again.

And to give REAL hugs!

I'm a little tired of hugging trees, just sayin'.

I can't wait to hear from you and to see you!

Sign Up!

30 Day Self-Care Healing Challenge

And so the journey begins!

I'm trying to motivate myself, to break old habits. I am starting a self-care personal healing Journey.

As I go through this journey, I will send one positive thought post every morning. I will also post on Instagram what my day is like. I have tried a number of times to try something new and have had difficulties sticking to them. 

Now I need to do this for me.

The positive posts that I will be posting daily are from the app "Calm". I will be using this app daily for the next 30 days to create a new and healthier lifestyle.

I will journal this journey I'm on for the next 30 days. I am starting a blog today. This is to track my journey and to affirm myself and my successes, to help myself see where I have started from and how far I can go to learn what does and does not work for me, and to assist myself in moving forward.

I also want to entirely immerse myself and completely experience this journey so that I not only "teach" self-care and meditation, but that I am walking the walk not just talking the talk.

I want to be able to acknowledge that I've taken myself through a very intense 30-day, self-care process, a journey that I will know well and can say that I've done it, and I get it.

I challenge you!

Join me on this journey and start today.

Don't just set your intentions, actually do it and start today.

Intentions alone do not do, actions are what create the results.

I will be posting on Instagram and Facebook.




We will SMASH this together!

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